ESVS 35th Hybrid Annual Meeting: 28th - 29th September 2021

Abstract Submission for the ESVS 35th Annual Meeting is open!

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  • Get a chance to present your research at the meeting of the leading Vascular Society in Europe
  • Receive direct feedback from the best experts in vascular care
  • Possibility of publication in the EJVES or EJVES Vascular Forum

It's your chance to shine! Don't wait until the last minute. The submission deadline is 1 April 2021.

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ESVS Academy Hands-on Workshops

Join us in-person in Rotterdam: choose from 10 onsite workshops taking place at the upcoming Annual Meeting from the 28th to the 29th September in Rotterdam and online.

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ESVS Academy Pathways Project

Bookings are open today!

  1. 11th March @ 18:00 CET - CVD Patients (Presentation, examination, treatment planning) - Reserve your place
  2. 18th March @ 18:00 CET - Importance of duplex in Aorto-Iliac disease : Screening to treatment and follow up - Reserve your place
  3. 25th March @ 18:00 CET - Optimising Medical Treatment for PAD - Reserve your place
  4. 10th June @ 18:00 CET - FEBVS Exam Preparation (Venous Pathway) - Reserve your place
  5. 16th September @ 18:00 CET - FEBVS Exam Preparation (Venous Pathway) - Reserve your place
  6. 9th December @ 18:00 CET - FEBVS Exam Preparation (Aortic Pathway) - Reserve your place

What to expect

  1. Aortic Pathway 2021 (Lead By: Prof. Zoran Rancic)

    • Importance of Duplex in Aortic-Iliac Disease
    • Planning and Sizing: How to use software
    • Planning and Sizing: Elective EVAR
    • Planning and Sizing: Emergent EVAR
    • Endovascular Toolkit

    PAD Pathway 2021 (Lead By: Dr. Igor Koncar)

    • Optimising Medical Treatment for Chronic PAD
    • Open Surgery Toolkit
    • Basic Vascular Anastomosis
    • Endovascular Toolkit for PAD
    • Best Medical Treatment Postintervention

    Venous Pathway 2021 (Lead By: Dr. Adam Zielinski & Dr. Kim Bredahl)

    • Patients with CVD - Presentation, Examination, Treatment Planning
    • EVLA - How to do it safely and Efficiently
    • Patients with CVD - Which method should you choose for treatment
    • Deep Vein Stenting
    • Venous Ultrasound

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Coming soon! 2021 Academic Pathways:

  • Aortic
  • Venous
  • PAD

Kickoff on Thursday 11th March 2021:

Venous Pathway

Patients with CVD: including LIVE ULTRASOUND broadcast from Bellvitge Hospital, Barcelona

Delivered by: M de Maeseneer (Rotterdam) and E Iborra (Barcelona)

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